Here's what you don't know about fear that can affect your career

There is a correlation between fear and the amount of power people seek. There are so many things that motivate us in life, comfort, health, status, hunger, love but the top motivator is fear.
This is because fear has been rooted in our childhood experiences and it moves us subconsciously. I'm sure many of us when we were much younger obeyed our parents not because we loved them but because of the fear of punishments.
An individual's motivation for power is to acquire control over his environment. Career wise, it is to venture into a career path that will ultimately elevate him forever, a career path that will grant him increase in credibility, money and fame.
The more fearful a person is, the more self conscious he gets, that is the reason why most people or Job owners are often control freaks. Little do they know that the more controlling a business or a person becomes, the more it stifles creativity, innovation and it's ability to adapt to change.
Ever wondered why people often do things over and over again for generations? It's because of fear of failure or sometimes fear of success. 
If you never try something new, you never fail.
Now how does fear affect your careers?
As I stated earlier, people are afraid to try something new because of fear and so they limit themselves in creativity, innovation and adaptation to change.
How can we overcome fear?
By understanding fear and embracing it.
Fear exists to keep us safe. It is not good or bad but it can be utilized as a tool we can use to make better decisions.
Embrace fear, don't let it control you, control it instead.
"Do the thing you fear and fear of death is certain" Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Is there something you've been even meaning to do for a long time? Has anyone ever made you feel that you could never succeed going down that career path you so desire? Is there anything that makes you doubt yourself and your abilities? Conquer that fear today and let creativity take over.
Remember that creativity is a unique differentiator in any business and career path. So unlock your creativity today.


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