3 things nobody told me about myself

There are three parts of my self-concept and each is linked to the others. All three elements make up my personality and everyone else’s. They largely determine what we think, feel and do and everything that happens to us.

1.   Our self-ideal is the first part of our personality and our self- concept. Our self-ideal is made up of our hopes, dreams, versions, and ideals. Our self-ideal is composed of the virtues, values, and qualities we admire in ourselves and others.

Our self-ideal is the person we would most likely become if we could be a perfect person in every way. These ideals guide and shape our behavior.

Great men and women, leaders and people of character are very clear about their values, visions, and ideals. They know who they are and what they believe in. They set high standards for themselves, and they don’t compromise those standards.

They are men and women that others look up to and depend on. They are definite and distinct in their interactions with others. In everything they do, they strive to live up to their ideals.

2.  The way you feel about yourself: The second part of our self-concept is our self-image. This is the way we see ourselves and think about ourselves. It is often called our “inner mirror”. It is when we look internally to see how we should behave in a particular situation. Because of our self-image, we always perform on the outside consistent with the picture we have on the inside.

The discovery of the self-image pioneered by Maxwell Maltz, a major breakthrough in understanding human performance and effectiveness.

By visualizing and imagining ourselves performing at our best in an upcoming situation, we send a message to our subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind accepts this message as a command, and then coordinates our thoughts, words, and actions so they fit a pattern consistent with the picture we created.

All improvements in our lives begin with improvement in our mental pictures. Our internal images influence our emotions, behaviors, attitudes, and even the way other people respond to us. The development of a positive self-image is a vital part of changing your thinking and changing your world.

3.  How we feel about ourselves: The third part of self-concept is our self-esteem. This is the emotional concept of our personality and is the most important factor in determining how we think, feel and behave. Our level of self-esteem largely determines much of what happens to us in our lives.

          Our self -esteem is best defined as how much we like ourselves. The more we like ourselves, the better we perform at anything we attempt, and by the law of reversibility, the better we perform, the more we like ourselves.

       Our self-esteem is the “reactor core” of our personality. It is the energy source that determines our levels of confidence and enthusiasm. The more we like ourselves, the higher the standards we set for ourselves.

The more we like ourselves, the bigger the goals we set for ourselves and the longer we persist in achieving them. People with high self-esteem are virtually unstoppable.

Take Action today, and build your self-esteem.


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