Take a look a thing these five major reasons why school doesn't prepare us for the real world

School is a simulated world in which students are tested and qualified using tests and examinations.
 Students are made to offer courses they have no interest in just so they can have hope of graduating.

 They are made to solve robotic tasks and get perfect grades in school when they know fully well that perfection is impossible.

 So why do we still push through this robotic process?

Why are we focusing so much on a simulated world when we can prepare for the real one?

 Often we really just don’t want to disappoint our parents or the society. They’ve been the only two reasons I felt are good enough to endure the torture of actually being a student but even those two reasons aren’t as solid as they used to be.

Not when college credits don’t give you the fulfillment you seek.

Let us discuss 5 reasons why school is simulated.

1.  It makes people think that success is guaranteed: I used to have this thought myself when I was growing up the thought that success is waiting for me at the end of college and I kept telling myself over and over again each time I grew weary of school work.

 That used to be my motivation, until I saw the lives of college graduands in this present world.

 Even the first and second class students were far from being successful.

After years of tedious study, tutorials, test-taking, assignments and project work, they still found themselves struggling to get a job or struggling to make ends meet.


 Because they focused on the wrong thing, School but what we need to understand is that Success can’t be guaranteed by school

I can recall when I was still at my secondary school, how teachers would elevate those who aced their class and belittle those who didn’t.

It was always so difficult dealing constantly with claims of you being a failure when you know you have tried all your best.

 Now after my graduation, looking back at everything that has happened up till now, I’ve been made to see that school does not guarantee success and success isn’t achieved after graduating from college.

Success can be achieved now, not with a degree but with a creative mind and creativity goes against everything taught in school.

In a global survey of 1500 CEO’s, IBM found that creativity was considered the number 1 leadership trait for the future.

“more than rigor, management, discipline, integrity or even vision-successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity”

So why limit yourself to school, colleges and certificates when you can be creative with your life?

2.   It makes people think that financial security is guaranteed: Sure after graduation, everyone’s thought will be on how they can get a good paying job afterward, but the pays given to certificate holders are usually not enough to satisfy their needs.

 After years and years of studying, one would expect that their hard work will pay off in the end by earning a good pay but that is another major fallacy that we are made to believe, that school ensures financial security.

I still see so many degree holders struggling with their finances, because they believed so much in their schools that they failed to properly plan for their future.

When we take a look at the top richest people in the world, we see that most if not all of them are entrepreneurs

Jeff Bezos-CEO of Amazon

Bill Gates-CEO of Microsoft

Warren Buffet- CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and so many others.

Why are entrepreneurs the ones ruling the world and not degree holders? The answer is because they do not focus on school.
 You can read further on the blog post: 5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs don’t thrive in school.

School isn’t the way to achieve financial stability, always remember that.

3.  It doesn’t prepare us for the future: Instead, it focuses more on past achievements forgetting that there is a future ahead.

They make use of archaic methods that is why students get so bored in class.

What teachers do not understand is that we are the present generation, not their generation; we cannot learn the way they learnt back in their day and understand the way they understood back in their day.

So unless, school adapts to the changes in the world today and adopts flexible means of teaching and learning, then very soon, there would be a lot more dropouts than school goers in the world.

Innovation is the introduction of something new. It is a change made to an existing product or service.

 For one to really focus on the future, one has to be innovative with resilient to adapt to new changes or else a lot of people will be graduating out of college into the unemployment line.

4.   It doesn’t teach us to learn from failure; rather it teaches us to avoid it: Failure is an event and no great success was ever achieved without failure.

 It might be an epic failure or a series of failures-such as Abraham Lincoln who lost eight elections before becoming the 16th American president or Thomas Edison that made 1000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb but whether we agree or not, failure is a necessity for one to achieve greatness.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing” Denis Waitley

Schools teach us to avoid failure, to follow instructions and to never make mistakes. That is exactly how a robot is programmed.

In order to really excel, we need to leave these robotic tasks we learn in schools and focus on actually being leaders of our tomorrow.

 Now the question that should be on everyone’s mind is how can we transform this simulated world to a real one?

 And how can we create a world that is capable of providing financial security, success and one that prepares us for the future?

Schools can prepare us for the future by trying to incorporate new methods of teaching.

Teachers need to teach students real life lessons so that they can be able to solve real life problems.

They should also work on creating the drive to learn.

There’s a saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink but you can put salt in the horse’s hay and make it thirsty.

 Teachers should try to make learning fun and to try to focus more on the skills of their student because we are entering a world where G.P.A’s are becoming worthless, only skill can really help change the world.

Schools shouldn’t try to teach everyone the same way and hope to get the same result; instead they should be able to develop teaching methods for each student so as to help them produce better result.

These are just few ways to improve schools, there are a lot more. If you have any ideas on how schools can be improved, then comment below.


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  2. Wonderful .... This post was rlly enlightening for me . Sch needs to focus more on creativity and train students to have innovative minds and adaptability to change no matter the circumstance cuz dats what matters in dis present world

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